Simulfy is the JavaScript platform,
for developers who want to build
real-time, multi-user
web and mobile apps.
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About Simulfy.Digital Enthusiasts. Creative People

Simulfy is the fastlane for developers to build real time, shared state, multi user apps and sites, using JavaScript. The name Simulfy is derived from the word simultaneous; it allows your users and apps to simultaneously exchange and edit your self defined data structures in real time. After more than a year of steady development we're ready to let you test-drive our platform.

Collaborative editing example


Start typing in the editor, open the editor in another browser window and be amazed :)

See textarea widget for more information.

Other examples running on Simulfy

Awesome Possibilities. See Below, You Might Be Interested!

Using our JavaScript client API, you can build real-time, collaborative and shared state applications.

Collaborative, simultaneously

Working on a paper or playing a game together? It's all possible! Simultaneously or not, you decide. You don't need to worry about concurrency, consistency or synchronisation, we'll take care of that..

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Easy to integrate

Already have a web application? Just include our client Javascript, map your data to our structures and your done. Do you have your own users or groups? No problem, your end users don't have to signup for Simulfy. You stay in control of your own users and authentication.

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Real-time, offline capable

Simulfy is offline capable. We support both synchronous and asynchronous communication out of the box. All incoming and outgoing updates on data will be communicated in real-time to all connected clients. When there's no connection, your changes are buffered and merged when the connection is back.

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Who is it for?

Simulfy is for app or website developers who want to integrate real-time simultaneous collaboration to their own or clients websites or apps.

How does it work?

The core of our platform is a web-based distributed database for JSON like document structures. Using our Simulfy JavaScript Client API you can start defining your own content structures and let your users and apps access and edit this data collaboratively and in real-time.

We'll release more in-depth information soon!

How to start?

Check our getting started guide and start building your real-time, shared state application using our sandbox.

Ready for production? Contact us to register your app and get an application secret.

Want to discuss?

Go to our Simulfy developers group at Google Groups.

Found any issues or having a problem?

We're also present at GitHub, you can file your issues over there.

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